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BrownConnect enables both students and alumni to follow their own paths beyond the classroom and beyond graduation.

For students and for alumni, BrownConnect offers access to the vast reservoir of career knowledge in the alumni community. It fosters mentoring and builds stronger professional relationships between alumni and students and among alumni. Undergraduates also benefit from BrownConnect’s success in sourcing internships and research opportunities from the Brown community, giving them invaluable real-world experience.

What is Brown Connect?

BrownConnect invites alumni, parents and friends from Brown’s global community to post opportunities for internships, career advice, and networking. Students can search for internship and research opportunities in a wide range of fields and locations, as well as financial support for low-paid or unpaid internships. Alumni can find other alumni in their fields to foster professional relationships and strengthen their ties to the Brown community. Students and alumni alike have the opportunity to pursue mentoring relationships from others who share their common interests or who have pursued similar paths through Brown.

BrownConnect: Origins and Evolution

Created in 2014, BrownConnect is one of President Christina Paxson’s key initiatives. The program has been tremendously successful in expanding the number and accessibility of undergraduate internships and research opportunities, as well as in helping all students to grow their professional networks before graduation.

Building on its success linking students with alumni, BrownConnect expanded in June 2018 to include an alumni-to-alumni career networking platform, advancing the University’s vision to be a lifelong partner for career development.

BrownConnect is sponsored by the Office of the Dean of the College and Alumni Relations.

How does BrownConnect prepare undergraduates for life after Brown?

Our mission with undergraduate students continues to be increasing the number of high-quality summer internships and research opportunities; ensuring that these opportunities are accessible regardless of financial circumstances; and providing access to the global network of alumni, parents and friends to offer mentoring and guidance that can enrich Brown students' experience.

BrownConnect serves first-year students, sophomores and juniors who are seeking high-quality internships and research opportunities. BrownConnect provides “one stop shopping” for opportunities in a wide range of fields and geographical locations, as well as financial support for students in low-paid or unpaid internships. Students are able to search BrownConnect for internships, research opportunities, valuable alumni connections, and funding offered through and for the Brown community.

How does BrownConnect add value for alumni?

BrownConnect is a powerful resource not only for connecting alumni with students seeking internship and research opportunities, but also for alumni looking to connect with each other for professional networking and career advice. Alumni also may benefit from remaining actively involved in the life of Brown as mentors who help enrich students’ journeys. In addition, the alumni-to-alumni element empowers users to reach out directly to fellow alumni. It is searchable by a wide range of keywords and categories, some of which are specific to Brown. Through BrownConnect, alumni can engage with students, build professional networks, get advice from other Brunonians across industries, and create career connections.

How to Get Involved

All Students:

Start searching for alumni connections in the Brown community.


Search for internships, research opportunities and the funding that enables you to pursue your dream opportunity.


Be a career resource! Log into your Alumni profile to make sure your work info is up to date. Your professional profile will be searchable by students and alumni through this site.

Search BrownConnect to find new contacts who can share their professional insights!

Alumni, parents, and friends:

Support undergraduates by posting an internship -- or giving to BrownConnect.

University Steering Committee

  • Rashid Zia '01, Dean of the College
  • Sergio Gonzalez, Senior Vice President for Advancement
  • Matthew Donato, Executive Director of the Center for Career Exploration
  • Aixa Kidd, Director of BrownConnect
  • Christopher Keith, Director of Enterprise Applications and Software Engineering Services